To Eat - At the Duke Sayers Common

The Duke Sayers Common on the 'Old' London Road, offers good beer and food which is usually always at its best. The dining place takes you back to the 1970s and makes you feel important. It offers high-quality food, and the children are entertained. Regarding drinks, The Duke Sayers Common offers a wide range of local real ales in this true 'free house'. The pub has two beer gardens, one with the extra amusing Children's Play Fort for the entire family and the other for the four-legged friends such as dogs sometimes horses.

The Duke Sayers Common promises to offers fabulously cooked pub and home classics using very fresh ingredients from the locals. The cooking team offers excellently prepared home dishes that are appealing to all around there. The Head Chef and his team do their best in cooking to keep the audience engaged and explore more foods. They have a vast and fabulous meal selection that keeps changing frequently. Special children foods are also prepared for families which makes them visit again and again. You also get vegan and vegetarian food here. Here is a list of food menu to eat.

  • Afternoon Tea: It is the most special treat with fantastic tea options. It also serves some of the best decadent grandeur and city's best hotels to boutique tea shops. Afternoon fish teas and British classics are the popular ones here.

  • Best Coffee: You get the city's best coffee in Brighton done from the masters of Brighton coffee. It is the public's favourite!

  • Budget Bites: Budget bites have great flavours, quality ingredients and keen price. It is budget friendly easy on the pocket. The best here is the tropical sushi from the Latin American- Japanese fusion with an explosion go taste, colour and character. Next comes in the Pompoko which is quick, affordable and is always tasty. It is undoubtedly a high turnover. Fatto-a-Mano is the third on the list which is a bite friendly pizza which has Italian authenticity.

  • Burgers: They have a high number of quality burger joints with no signs of slowing. You can get your fix for burger craze with seriously mouth-watering content. Their classic Kooks burger is a must try and tested formula.

  • Sea Food: Fresh fish and seafood for your dinner will be caught and landed just a few hours before you eat them. They have a fantastic selection of native and rock oysters. The local fish daily special is a must try!

  • Steaks: The juiciest, tender and flavoursome steaks in the city are available here. The real charcoal oven and the best ingredients for marinating make it to the perfection! The 35 days dried Scottish steaks with a range of cuts, and a variety of side dishes is a must try for every meat lovers.