To Drink- At the Duke Sayers Common

The Duke Sayers Common on the 'Old' London Road, offers good beer and food which is usually always at its best. Whatever your drinking needs, The Duke Sayers Common has it all. You get all kinds right from the quiet, civilised drink in a very elegant surrounding to a shout out evenings that takes you a fly off. They provide you with a wide selection of favourite drinks along with pipe organs, snooker tables, photo booths, a piece of great music, DJ's soundtrack and what not! Check what they provide below.

Cocktails: If you are a wine connoisseur or a party-loving cocktail person, then this is the place for you. You can try botanically based cocktail at Dandelion or historically inspired recipes to live the moment. You can enjoy countless happy hours enjoying your Bohemian Brighton vibe.

Wine: You can enjoy a nice glass of wine and a chat here drinking it out of a plastic cup. You get to enjoy a long tradition of wine-loving tastes with a different approach. You get the natural wine from France, English wine and the New World Jewels. The wine tastings are run by experts and provide you with bottles that suit you. Regular themed wine tastings along with tasty cheeses and charcuterie to match is an awesome experience. They are non-pretentious, friendly and comfortable. They have their own quality and a passionate team to run it.

Craft Beer: You get new beers to try in your comfort in abundance. It offers the craftiest brews in town. You can experience different types of beer here. Discover the brighter side of coffee beers here. It is perfect for dinner with the tasty food by its side. It is a blessed and fun place to enjoy your beer. You get the most authentic beer experience here.